Asbestos Removal for Domestic Properties

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Helping you to safely manage the Asbestos in your home

Asbestos was commonly used in homes from the late 19th century through to 2000. However, it has since been linked to various forms of cancer. If you suspect that your home may still contain asbestos, you can rely on AsMATT for free advice, a free quote, and a complete solution. Based in Billericay, we provide an end-to-end domestic asbestos removal and disposal service that restores the safety of your home.

AsMATT can offer:

FREE local site visits in a 10-mile radius
FREE advice on all asbestos removals
5% discount for local residents on ALL booked asbestos removals in a 10-mile radius
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Where to look for Asbestos in your home

Asbestos can commonly be found in:

Water tanks and pipe lagging
Lofts, wall and floor cavities
Textured floor and wall coatings including Artex
Soffits, fascia boards, guttering and downpipes
Fuse boxes and airing cupboards
Garages and Outbuildings
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Outbuildings and Garages

Asbestos cement was a popular material used in the construction of garages and sheds. Once discovered, it is advisable to have the entire outbuilding removed and fully disposed of under locally controlled conditions. AsMATT is happy to safely remove and fully dispose of all asbestos products, leaving you with a clean and safe area to work with.

Comprehensive Surveys and Sample Testing

If selling or purchasing a new home, private domestic customers should be aware that any asbestos in the property may not be included on their mortgage surveys. You can rely on AsMATT to complete a full asbestos survey at any domestic property. Our fully licensed team can also work at commercial premises.

Asbestos Surveys

We're a well-known name in the Industry

"Over the last nine years AsMATT have provided my office with full asbestos surveys, dealt with removal of asbestos from a variety of locations and updated our annual asbestos register records, in respect of a portfolio of blocks of flats in Central London. They have also assisted in a supervisory role where we have had issues with previously certified work - for example auditing the work of another asbestos contractor on works undertaken prior to our instruction and certified by others.

Throughout that time I have found them to be efficient and reliable and they are always willing to explain the work we need to do to remove any asbestos found in a building, the options we have with regard to encapsulation and the most efficient way to undertake this with minimum disruption to building occupants or other trades where applicable."

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AsMATT is always happy to offer professional advice regarding Asbestos. Call our team today.
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