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As of 21st May 2004, the Health and Safety Executive set in action legislation that puts the onus of managing asbestos directly on the duty holder, which is the person or organisation that has a clear responsibility for the maintenance or repair of non-domestic properties. If there is even the chance that your home or business premises has asbestos in it, it is crucial that you identify and remove it.

With combined team experience of over 100 years, AsMATT are insured to carry out extensive surveys on domestic and commercial properties to find out if asbestos is present and whether or not it poses a health risk.

Compliant Surveys

All of our surveys are carried out in compliance with HSG 264 Control of Asbestos Regulation 2012 and satisfy the Control of Asbestos Work Regulation 4 - Duty to Manage requirement. Samples are tested by an independent, UKAS-accredited laboratory. Once the survey is complete, the findings are presented to you as a comprehensive written report detailing results and recommendations.

Refurbishment and Demolition Surveys

Used extensively by the construction industry, this comprehensive survey includes full access sampling. Walls, floors and ceilings will be penetrated to ensure that all traces of asbestos are discovered.

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Asbestos Management Surveys

Carried out on both commercial and domestic premises, a management survey entails surface sample testing and visual inspections to ascertain whether asbestos products have been used in the make-up of the building.

Annual Inspections

There may be occasions when the asbestos found in your property does not pose a risk to health. If this is the case, we are happy to provide an annual re-inspection survey.

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"Over the last nine years AsMATT have provided my office with full asbestos surveys, dealt with removal of asbestos from a variety of locations and updated our annual asbestos register records, in respect of a portfolio of blocks of flats in Central London. They have also assisted in a supervisory role where we have had issues with previously certified work - for example auditing the work of another asbestos contractor on works undertaken prior to our instruction and certified by others.

Throughout that time I have found them to be efficient and reliable and they are always willing to explain the work we need to do to remove any asbestos found in a building, the options we have with regard to encapsulation and the most efficient way to undertake this with minimum disruption to building occupants or other trades where applicable."

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